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Gelatin-Methacrylamide, first developed in our lab in 2000, has emerged as one of the gold standards in tissue engineering and biofabrication worldwide.

GEL-MA INX© is a gelatin-based ink exhibiting ideal extracellular matrix-mimicking properties as it is derived from natural collagen, the main component of the natural extra-cellular matrix. Gel-MA
derived from gelatin type B shows ideal properties as it is cell-interactive due to the presence of RGD motifs in its backbone. It is biodegradable, can be remodeled by cells, and can be printed by taking advantage of its temperature-dependent physical gelation behavior. It becomes physiologically stable after photo-crosslinking, thereby forming a non-soluble network. As a result of all these beneficial properties Gel-MA has emerged to be one of the gold standards in the field of tissue engineering and biofabrication.

Product is provided as a clear hydrogel in a prefilled cartridge of 3 ml.