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STABLE INX© is a synthetic shear thinning, cell-interactive ink for the fabrication of scaffolds. It allows for an easy printing process due to its shear thinning behaviour. At high shear rates, it exhibits a low viscosity which is favorable for an easy injection from the printing nozzle. However, at low shear rates it reveals a high viscosity, which is required for shape retention after deposition.

It is cell interactive and non-biodegradable. Therefore, it can provide long lasting support to the cells. STABLE INX© is photo-crosslinkable, and therefore the structures can be illuminated with UV irradiation during or after printing process.

STABLE INX© is provided as a clear hydrogel in a prefilled 3 ml cartridge.

Specifications (all variations)
Appearance Transparent gel
pH 8.0 - 10.0
Viscosity at low shear 800 - 4000 Pa.s
Viscosity at high shear 0.5 - 5 Pa.s
Storage modulus after UV crosslinking 250 - 1000 kPa