Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering

Takes place on
BSTE 2023

BSTE 2023 – 10th Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering


The 10th edition of the BSTE symposium will be organized by the University of Liège on December 6 & 7, 2023 in Liège, Belgium. Keeping the BSTE tradition alive, an attractive program including international renowned speakers, industrial involvement and several presentation opportunities for PhDs and Post-Docs has been proposed. We are looking forward to meet you at the 10th Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering in Liège!




The goals of the Belgian Society for Tissue Engineering (BSTE) are to connect all Belgian researchers, as well as international collaborators, active within the field of tissue engineering and to promote scientific research in this domain. Both objectives are met by the organization of the annual BSTE symposium. This symposium offers interesting networking opportunities, while international and Belgian speakers discuss recent advances in the fields of e.g. stem cell-based therapies, biomaterial development, computational modelling, biomedical imaging and image analysis, etc.



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