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  • Inks for Multiphoton Lithography

    BIO INX® offers a range of biocompatible resins for your high-resolution micro-fabrication needs.

    Discover our ready-to-use multiphoton lithography kits for straightforward printing of microstructures at high precision.

  • Inks for Deposition-based 3D Printing

    BIO INX® offers a wide spectrum of inks for deposition-based 3D printing, ranging from synthetic to nature-derived materials, for easy printing of biocompatible platforms enabling cell seeding and/or cell encapsulation.


  • Inks for Digital Light Processing & Stereolithography

    Coming Soon.

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  • Our mission

    Our Mission

    By developing and offering high quality bioinks and biomaterials, we aim to be your support in bioprinting to bring tissue engineering and regenerative medicine closer to clinical reality! To do so we provide researchers, clinicians and industry the unique tools for break-through research.

  • Our expertise

    Our Expertise

    At BIO INX®, we are focusing on the commercialisation of materials and bioinks for 3D bioprinting by utilizing decades of academic experience in the field of polymers and biomaterials.

  • Our team

    Our Team

    Our multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in chemistry and biomedical engineering has a combined 20 years of expertise in the field of polymers, (bio)materials, 3D printing and tissue engineering. Therefore we can provide you with the best possible solutions for all your biofabrication needs.

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Upcoming events

  • 06/12/2023

    Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering

    The 10th edition of the BSTE symposium will be organized by the University of Liège on December 6 & 7, 2023 in Liège, Belgium. Keeping the BSTE tradition alive, an attractive program including international renowned speakers, industrial involvement and several presentation opportunities for PhDs and Post-Docs has been proposed. We are looking forward to meet you at the BIO INX booth!
  • 10/01/2024

    First Alpine Winter School for Biofabrication

    The aim of this winter school is to provide a forum for open exchange regarding the most recent developments, current challenges and future opportunities of the area of biofabrication. It will bring together established scientists, as well as young researchers at the early career stage, who will form the backbone of opinion leaders in the field in the upcoming years.
  • 14/01/2024

    5th BIOMAT Congress: Materials for Health 2024

    5th BIOMAT Congress: Materials for Health 2024