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X-Pure-based GEL-MA INX© X100 is the world’s first GMP-like gelatin methacryloyl bioink. 

By leveraging Rousselot’s renowned X-Pure® GELMA line and BIO INX’ extensive 25 years of in-house expertise in GELMA
synthesis and applications. This revolutionary ink sets a new benchmark in bioink technology.
Designed for translational research, X-Pure-based GEL-MA INX© X100 facilitates seamless transition to GMP-grade production, while maintaining the accessibility of research-grade pricing. Its advanced formulation positions this deposition-based bioink as a frontrunner for clinical applications across cutting-edge biomedical realms.

This premium biomaterial excels in 3D bioprinting, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering, exhibiting minimal impurity levels, low endotoxin content, and unparalleled batch-to-batch consistency. With customizable mechanical properties,
it offers unparalleled versatility to meet diverse application needs.

Due to the GMP-like production of the base material, it has the potential to shorten the development timeline from bench to bedside in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).

With X-Pure-based GEL-MA INX©, the benefits of GEL-MA are combined with a high degree of reproducibility and ease of use, by offering the material in a convenient ready-to-print cartridge with defined printing parameters, thereby adhering to BIO
INX’ “plug & print” principle. Revolutionize your research with X-Pure-based GEL-MA INX© X100, setting new standards in bioink innovation.

Product is provided as a clear hydrogel in a prefilled cartridge of 3 ml.

Product specifications
GEL-MA INX X100 / X-Pure
pH6.5 – 8.5
Viscosity (high shear) (Pa.s)< 10
Total degree of functionalization50 – 70 %
Storage modulus after photo-crosslinking (kPa)5 - 15
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