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EASYGEL INX© is a gelatin-based, shear thinning, cell-interactive ink that mimicks extracellular matrix. It combines all the benefits of conventional gelatin/Gel-MA based inks in combination with a highly improved printing process thanks to its shear thinning behavior, thereby allowing an easy printing process at 37 °C.

Based on gelatin derived from natural collagen, EASYGEL INX© has been modified with photo-crosslinkable functional groups meaning that it can be printed with unprecedented efficiency. It resembles the natural ECM and has exceptionally high cell viabilities.

EASYGEL INX© is provided as a clear hydrogel in a prefilled cartridge of 3 ml.

Printer requirements: Heatable printhead (37 °C) withnozzle insulator.


Product specifications
AppearanceTransparent gel
pH6.5 - 8.5
Total degree of functionalization70 - 80 %
Viscosity at high shear 0.1 - 1 Pa.s
Viscosity at low shear 200 - 2500 Pa.s
Storage modulus after UV crosslinking2000 - 6000 Pa
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