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HYDROBIO INX© series are gelatin-based hydrogel bio-inks that provide all the biological benefits of conventional gelatin-based materials in combination with two-photon polymerization processability. It is based on gelatin type B derived from natural collagen which is modified with photo-crosslinkable functional groups enabling efficient multiphoton processing at 780 nm in the presence of the supplied crosslinker.

As a result of high reactivity and fast curing speed, the bioinks can be processed at fast writing speeds resulting in a high cell viability. Thanks to its biodegradability, it allows cells to remodel the environment and substitute it with newly formed extracellular matrix over time.

HYDROBIO INX© X100 is a gelatin-based bio-ink for two photon polymerization applications. It is suitable for cell seeding after processing.

Delivered in a ready-to-use kit containing resin (1 ml), dilution buffer and crosslinker for 10 prints. 

List of Publications:

  • Taale M. et al. "In Situ Fabrication of Constraints for Multicellular Micro-Spheroids Using Two-Photon Lithography", Advanced Functional Materials (2023) (https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.202302356)

Product specifications
AppearanceRed hydrogel
pH6.5 - 8.5
Refractive Index1.34 - 1.36
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