BIO INX is 3DNatives Start-up of the Year 2023

BIO INX elected as startup of the year 2023 by!

2024 is just beginning and already we cannot wait to see what this year has in store in terms of developments and new products in the additive manufacturing market. Startups in particular are working hard to expand the capabilities of 3D printing to a multitude of sectors and applications, a trend that will undoubtedly continue this year. In that vein, few weeks ago, presented twelve candidates for Startup of the Year 2023. Among them were international startups specializing in software, technology and materials, but also startups that stood out with innovative applications, for example in the medical field and in terms of sustainability and the circular economy. Several weeks after asking their readers to choose their favorite startup, it’s time to announce the big winner. Nearly 900 votes were counted and BIO INX won the competition with 238 votes! Congratulations !

BIO INX is dedicated to developing materials for bioprinting, with each printing technology having different ink requirements. Bioinks must be able to be processed in such a way as to reproduce human tissue as closely as possible, all as efficiently as possible. 

Although 3D printing of organs, muscles and tissues is progressing and definitely constitutes one of the main goals of modern medicine, the road ahead is strewn with pitfalls in particular because of regulations that are still obscure. Despite everything, BIO INX is optimistic about the future of 3D printed organ manufacturing. Market analyzes also confirm this trend. Markets and Markets estimates that the 3D bioprinting market will reach $3.3 billion by 2027 and that revolutionary developments can be expected between now and then. BIO INX in any case wants to actively contribute to these developments through its work and its approaches have convinced not only 3Dnatives, but also their many readers around the world. 

"It is a great honor to have been elected as start up of the year 2023" says Jasper Van Hoorick. "Highlights like this help to spread the awareness of the biofabrication technology and helps in our mission to make biofabrication turnkey!".

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