BIO INX Complements Advisory Board with Distinguished Industry Leaders

We are proud to announce the formation of its inaugural Advisory Board. The board will provide strategic guidance and invaluable expertise as BIO INX continues its mission to revolutionize healthcare through 3D bioprinting by offering high performing standardized bio ink materials.

Joining the Advisory Board are two esteemed industry leaders, Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen and Prof. Khoon Lim, both renowned for their exceptional contributions to the fields of biotech entrepreneurship, management, and biomedical engineering. They are complementing Prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe, cofounder and current scientific advisor of BIO INX.

Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen brings to the table a wealth of experience and a proven track record in leadership and entrepreneurship. With a PhD in veterinary sciences and extensive experience garnered over 15 years in various key roles encompassing operational, quality, project management, scientific leadership, sales, and business development, Liesbeth is currently serving as the CEO of BioLizard, a distinguished data analytics and data engineering consulting company. She is recognized for her solid leadership, having been honored with the Inspiring 50 award in STEM and elected as an associate member of Women on Board, among other accolades. Liesbeth's commitment to fostering growth and inspiring individuals extends beyond her role as CEO, as evidenced by her involvement in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and the TOPX Network for Women in Life Sciences.

Prof. Khoon Lim brings a unique blend of expertise in biomedical engineering and polymer chemistry to the Advisory Board. With a background that includes a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and significant contributions to research focusing on hydrogel-based tissue engineering matrices and 3D bioprinting, Prof. Lim has established himself as a leading authority in light-based biofabrication. His research endeavors have garnered substantial recognition and funding, including prestigious grants and fellowships from funding agencies such as the Royal Society of New Zealand, Health Research Council of New Zealand and the Australian Research Council. Prof. Lim's expertise and leadership are further underscored by his involvement in numerous professional societies and editorial boards including the Australasian society for Biomaterials and Tisue engineering (of which he is the current president), where he continues to shape the future of biomedical research and innovation.

"We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen and Prof. Khoon Lim to our Advisory Board," said Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX. "Their exceptional expertise and visionary leadership will be instrumental in guiding BIO INX as we strive to push the boundaries of 3D bioprinting and accelerate the development of transformative solutions for healthcare."

The addition of Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen and Prof. Khoon Lim to BIO INX's Advisory Board underscores the company's commitment to assembling a diverse team of industry leaders to drive innovation, growth, and impact in the field of biotechnology.

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Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO at BIO INX

Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen and Prof. Khoon Lim

Advisory Board