New Review on Two-Photon Polymerization for Biomedical Applications Highlights High-Resolution Bioprinting

Different biomedical applications of multiphoton lithography

The review provides an in-depth analysis of the various photoinitiators, biomaterials, and biomedical applications that have been reported in the literature. It also offers an overview of the technological improvements made over the years, including some of the innovations realized by our distributors Nanoscribe and Upnano including WOW-2PP, DILL and grey-scale multiphoton lithography.

With 2PP, it is possible to print complex 3D structures with micron-level resolution, making it an attractive technology for biomedical applications. The review outlines some of the exciting applications of 2PP in areas such as tissue engineering, drug delivery, and microfluidics.

At the heart of this technology is high-resolution bioprinting, which we believe is the future of biomedical research. By using 2PP to print structures with high precision, researchers can create models that more accurately mimic the complexity of human tissues, paving the way for new discoveries and therapies.

We hope that this review will inspire researchers to explore the potential of 2PP for biomedical applications and encourage continued innovation in this field.

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