XPECT INX enters into distribution agreement with FELIX PRINTERS

Biofabrication is the use of Additive manufacturing or 3D printing technologies for the (re)generation of biological tissues. This scientific field has the potential to revolutionize modern healthcare. However, to reach the life-saving breakthroughs in this very promising field it is very important that researchers, clinicians and the industry have access to the right tools for this endeavour. Therefore, XPECT INX, a spin-off project from Ghent University focusses on the development of innovative new materials for bioprinting. We believe that the field of bioprinting or biofabrication is in need of reliable innovative materials or ‘bioinks’. Unfortunately, as with a lot of new research fields, there are a lot of innovations happening in academic circles which never bridge the gap to the real world. Therefore, by launching XPECT INX, we aim to capitalize on the years of academic research to bring these innovations to the market. These decades of academic expertise enabled us to develop high quality bio-inks and biomaterials.

However, just as important as the materials to print with is the technology to bioprint. Therefore, XPECT INX is very proud to announce a new collaboration with FELIXprinters, one of the established companies in the field of conventional additive manufacturing. Based on 10 years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing, FELIXprinters has come up with the novel and very high-performance FELIX BIOprinter.

Scaffold printed with Felix Printers

Scaffold printed with Felix Printers

By tailoring our high quality XPECT INX bioinks for the FELIXbioprinter and constant mutual developments we believe that this collaboration reaches far greater than the sum of parts. We believe that this agreement can help to consolidate the first steps towards the future of healthcare.

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