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DEGRAD INX© is a polyester-based synthetic resin for multi-photon lithography based 3D-printing
applications. It is the first ever biodegradable ink that combines the benefits of biocompatibility, flexibility and easy processability resulting in high feature resolutions (< 500 nm).

The DEGRAD INX© ready-to-use formulations can be processed via a multi-photon lithography based printer after a short pre-heating process. The resin can be processed at high scanning speeds (up to 100 mm/s) which is favorable for shorter fabrication times.

The product is delivered in a ready-to-use kit containing resin (1 ml) and developer (50 ml).


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Product specifications
AppearanceOrange - yellow liquid
Viscosity0.5 - 3 Pa.s
Refractive Index1.46 - 1.48
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