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X-Pure® GelMA is the world’s first gelatin methacryloyl suitable for in-body use, due to its guaranteed ultra-low impurity levels, batch to batch consistency and tunable mechanical properties.

X-Pure GelMA can reduce the development time between bench and bedside, for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). 

This biomaterial is ideal for 3D bioprinting, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. 

A GelMA hydrogel allows the formation of 3D architectures that are stable at body temperature. X-Pure GelMA rheological properties can be customized by varying the degree of modification (DoM in %) and the gelatin molecular weight (MW in kDa). 

X-Pure GelMA is available in 3 grades

  • Technical grade: consistent chemical & physical properties, intended for rapid product optimization and development. Not suitable for animal or human testing.
  • Research grade: consistent chemical & physical properties and low in endoxotins and other impurities. Functionally equivalent to the GMP grade. Suitable for animal testing.
  • GMP grade : GelMA suitable for in-human applications (exclusively available via our partner Rousselot

X-Pure GelMA is available in 6 varieties

  • 2 Molecular weights: 90kDa or 160kDa
  • 3 Degrees of modification: 40%, 60%, or 80%
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