• SBMC and BIO INX Secure €240,000 Grant for Pioneering 3D Bioprinting Project in Bone and Cartilage Repair

    Eindhoven/Gent, July 4, 2024 – Smart BioMaterials Consortium Foundation (SBMC) and BIO INX are thrilled to announce the receipt of a €240,000 grant from the Interreg CrossRoads Program to support their InCart-3D project. This two-year initiative is set to revolutionize the field of tissue regeneration by developing advanced bioinks tailored for 3D bioprinting technology.

  • BIO INX Launches DEGRES INX: The first Biodegradable and Biocompatible Resin with shape memory properties for Light-based (Bio)Printing

    Ghent, 19/06/2024 - BIO INX, a leading company in bioink technologies, proudly announces the launch of DEGRES INX, a biodegradable resin with shape memory properties. This innovative material can be deformed into a temporary shape after 3D printing and returns to its original printed shape when heated to body temperature.

  • BIO INX and Readily3D Announce Collaboration to Advance Volumetric Bioprinting with Cutting-edge Gel-MA Based Ink

    BIO INX, a world leader in bioink technologies, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Readily3D, developer of high-resolution volumetric 3D printers, to introduce new biomaterials for volumetric 3D bioprinting. The first commercially available bioink is a state-of-the-art, gel-MA based ink (READYGEL INX©).

  • BIO INX Complements Advisory Board with Distinguished Industry Leaders

    Joining the Advisory Board are two esteemed industry leaders, Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen and Prof. Khoon Lim, both renowned for their exceptional contributions to the fields of biotech entrepreneurship, management, and biomedical engineering. They are complementing Prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe, cofounder and current scientific advisor of BIO INX.

  • BIO INX and Rousselot Announce Collaboration on Materials for 3D Bioprinting

    In a significant leap forward for the field of 3D bioprinting, BIO INX, a leading material developer for 3D bioprinting, proudly announces the strategic collaboration with Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin- and collagen-based solutions This collaboration underscores BIO INX’ and Rousselot’s commitment to bring 3D bioprinting technologies closer to the clinic.

  • Visit of Flemish minister Matthias Diependaele

    1 maart 2023

    Minister Diependaele bezoekt Oost-Vlaamse Starter van het Jaar: Vlaanderen staat aan de top op vlak van biotech en 3D-printing en BIO INX is daar het levende bewijs van.

  • BIO INX is 3DNatives Start-up of the Year 2023

    BIO INX is honored to have been voted as Startup of the year 2023 by
    A few weeks ago, presented twelve candidates for Startup of the Year 2023. Among them were international startups specializing in software, technology, materials, the medical field, sustainability and the circular economy.
    Out of these 12 startups, BIO INX was chosen as Startup of the Year 2023!

  • BIO INX and Puredyne drive bioprinting application to the next level

    BIO INX and Puredyne are currently working together on a project to give even greater priority to combining the optimum biomaterial with precise printing technology. Gentle material handling and precise dispensing is the key for gaining the best results. At this year's Termis conference in Manchester, the Puredyne team met the Belgian biomaterial manufacturer in person for the first time.

  • Belgians send miniature heart into space for ageing research: AstroCardia develops artificial 'space heart' to study heart health

    Five Belgian companies and research centres are joining forces in the AstroCardia project. With that project, they are making it their mission to improve heart health. And they are doing so in a very special place: in space. This is where they are aiming to better study heart ageing and create a suitable research model for the heart.

  • ‘Human inks’ to 3D printing human tissues: HU3DINKS project brings together expert companies for the development of human tissue-based inks.

    Biofabrication or 3D bioprinting aims to create tissue constructs for numerous applications. One crucial aspect of the technology is the use of suitable materials to enable the 3D printing of living cells which are called bioinks. the present IraSME research project Human bioinks for 3D printing (HU3DINKS) aims develop human tissue-based bioinks for multiple 3D bioprinting technologies.